Social Media Influencer Rates and factors affecting it

To market your brand or business on social media platforms it is necessary to have an effective marketing campaigns in order to reach out your audience. One of the best ways is to hire a social media influencer. A social media influencer is a person who has a good following on any social media platform and is also highly active in it. Active in terms that the person knows how to interact with a wide audience and to convey any kind of information to the people.

These social media influencers are very useful, many top brands hire social media influencers and sponsor them, these social media influencers talk about the brand in their posts, there can be brand related pictures, videos. Brands will be advertised through the social media influencers. For many new brands which are new to this social media marketing approach it is important to know how much the social media influencers should be paid.

The payment is done according to some basis like if a certain post about the brand has hit a required target then the social media influencer will be paid this much, how many likes does the post have, how many people have interacted with the post. All these things are the main factors while setting up a payment for the social media influencers.

So the pays that we are going to discuss here will be the average pays that are being given to the social media influencers from the brands. If a social media influencer is on Instagram and he or she posts something related to the brand then for every engagement made on that post the social media influencer will get an average of $0.14, for a video $0.16 and just like this for each story view he or she will get an average of $0.06.

If the social media influencer is on the YouTube platform then the rates will be $0.08 for each view of a dedicated video and for every mention in a video the rate is $0.04. For a story on Snapchat if the dedicated story reaches 1000 views then the rate will be $100. For Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest the rates are about $50 – $100 depending on the policies of these platforms.

There are some factors that does affect the rates of the social media influencers. The factors are, first the quality of content the person is posting, how much following the social media influencer posses because there are many public figures or celebrities with high number of following charge a premium rate from the brands. The industry from which the brand belongs also plays a role in affecting the rates of the social media influencer, for example, rates of food industry, photography and the fitness industry are higher than other industries.

If you are looking for a social media influencer research about it first that how can you charge them on the basis of the above factors we have discussed. Studies have shown that the influencers having 10,000 to 150,000 followers have a good return by just investing a moderate rates.