Facebook Adds New Anti-Bullying Tools to Improve User Safety

Facebook authorities are always keen to observe and work for the safety measures for its users to save them from any sort of bullying and abuse. Recently, a new set of measures has been announced but Facebook to tackle this very issue. This includes tools to protect high profile users and new options for the people so that they can report their troubles on other’s behalf. It has also added a new tool for new comment moderation. The enables multiple deletions of comments at a time.

Facebook’s comment moderation tools include;

This enables an easy management of the interactions between people on Facebook and allows them to get rid of negative or unwanted comments. This also protects users from extra exposure of the community. Tests and ways are under process for the more easily search for blocking abusive words that appear in comments.

Desktop and Android are the first devices on which new comment moderation too will be helpful in. For iOS, it will be observed soon hopefully.

To submit a report of the trouble faced by users on Facebook, a new tool is also being provided for the victims of harassment and bullying over this platform.

Everyone is not always and every time easy and comfortable for unwanted socialization. People feel targeted of unwanted attention and it brings them stress. people are sometimes hesitating to report of harassment as well. In some cases, it is out of sight as well. You can now report on behalf of your friend, family member or a relative if they fall victim to harassment or bullying. This can be done by the menu following the relative post about which you are concerned. Your report is reviewed by the community operations and is kept anonymous, once reported. It is thoroughly determined if it is violating the standards of a community. Another effective way of Facebook to detect and remove such unwanted comments is the use case.

Facebook is also working on the project that follows the protection of the public figure specifically younger people in the spotlight. This is another smart addition.

Private individuals are being protected by these policies regarding bullying and harassment, but Facebook also allows an open and detailed discussion of the public figures, people in the news or the people having large audience based upon their professional or occupational activities. Discussions and conversations have been carried out between users of Facebook and the experts of safety to find out better protective and safety measures for the public figures who fall victim to the harassment. Previously steps were taken to save young people, that are publicly famous, from bullying. Furthermore, expansion of the policies for the better protection of public figures regardless of age will be carried out in future.

The attacks of bullying on the internet might be in the form of memes. A very young actor Millie Bobby Brown is the prominent example here who fell victim to the online harassment at the tender age of 14 resulting in the actor’s quitting of the social media. We can find various such examples of celebrities and actors of different age groups. According to the new policy, severe harassment attacks that prey public figures will not be permitted. A person who is bullying can be reported too if someone faces unwanted or unnecessary behavior on Facebook. They can also ignore the messages or content anonymously. Finally, they can block the relative person too without him being notified.

An online education program is constantly working to make young users understand the possibilities and risk factors online.

The anti-bullying initiative is being practiced globally and many people are participating in the cause. Different nations are working for this very purpose. Thousands of people are being taught about online bullying throughout the world. The importance of this education and such programs cannot be taken for granted because several suicide cases are observed among teens in different parts of the world due to online harassment.

Facebook is much praised for the step it has taken against this issue.