Causes, Prevention and Treatment for Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Pili Multigemini is very common and it causes the unnecessary depression in many people. Every person deals with this problem in different ways that tend to upset things out of proportions. However, this article will help you to deal with the multiple hairs in one follicle and give you some proven solutions it tends to infuriate you.

Causes of multiple hairs in one follicle:

In most of the cases, this problem doesn’t matter but sometimes it causes the infection and irritation. However, the occurrence of Pili Multigemini is fairly normal. It is harmless until you notice any infection. It doesn’t require any treatment in the normal case. There is no specific reason for its occurrence. It can occur anywhere on the body. It occurs on the face for men and it happens on armpits and legs for women. Although, there is no specific part where it happens and its development is guided by rules of hormonal development.

How can you prevent Pili Multigemini?

However, it is impossible to deter this problem but there are a lot of ways that can be used to deal with this issue. After using these proven methods, you may see an improvement in the condition.

Shorten Your Hair

Short hair can reduce the chances of multiple hairs in one follicle. So, wear short hairstyles that help you to keep this problem in check. Short hair also boosts the quality of your hair.

Stay in Shade

Don’t spend long hours under the sun as sunlight can worsen the condition. Perspiration can damage the follicles and even makes them swell. The direct sunlight also boosts the growth of bacterial infections. You must cover yourself when going outdoors. It is good to keep indoors when you have an infection.

Avoid too much hair treatment

You must avoid using hair products and tools (blow dry and curl iron) daily as it can affect the hair follicles. The regular use of hair straighteners and blow dryers is not recommended to deal with this condition because these tools tend to be scratchy and damaging to the hair follicles and scalp skin.

Use Better and Gentler Products

You must use such hair products that are safe to use and don’t affect the hair follicles or scalp skin. There are some conditioners, lotions, and shampoos that are too much harsh for hair. Hence, you should be avoided such products because it can cause infection, irritation, bacterial growth, and swelling.


It is better to ignore the issue if it is harmless as if you get sensitive about it, it can give you unnecessary distress. There is no need to think most of the times as this problem is very common and hardly visible. But take some extra care when you have infection or irritation. Follow the above precautions that will help you to reduce the problem. So, don’t be ashamed and stay healthy and have a great care of yourself. Leave a comment and let us know how you dealt with it when you had the multiple hairs in one follicle.