5 ways to get more Instagram likes that actually works

Every Instagrammer has a dream of getting more likes and followers but a few of them can achieve the same. Because most of them don’t even know how to use Instagram for getting more likes and followers. Here, we will discuss what the ways that can come true your dream of getting more followers and posts likes are.

Using these strategies, a huge number of users will visit your profile and likely to like your posts. If you are a business and want to promote your brand or product through this platform but you are not getting your desired results. Don’t fret, these tips will help you to get triple hits on your every post. Just follow all these tips and get more Instagram likes, and followers in no time.

5 ways to get more Instagram likes

Remember one thing when you are going to post your content with the hope of getting more likes, don’t give up and try these tricks.

Tag a location:

Let the people find you and see your posts by using geotags or tag a location in each post either photo or video. Remember to tag general location instead of some specific eatery in your posts. For Instance, tag a location ‘Downtown Beverly Hills’ rather than ‘The Polo Lounge’. That way, people can see your posts more easily.


As you know the Instagram feed is crowded with a plenty of videos. As posting video is more engaging than a photo. Instagram allow their users to post 3 sec to a 60-sec video that makes it more engaging media type due to its short time limit. You can post vlogs, BTS videos, office trip, and event video but make it more interesting and creative to compel the viewer until the end.


Boomerang is a popular trend on Instagram these days that has captured the attention of most of the people. It is basically a short video that is between the video and GIF (plays forwards and backward). Use this feature because it can compel your followers to see it when they find it in their Instagram feed. But make it creative, unique, exciting and quick to engage more people and getting likes. It is better than posting simple pictures.

Tag influential accounts:

buy instagram followersOn Instagram, people tend to follow influencers as they are credible and real. When you are going to post either video or photo, tag the influential accounts that are relevant in your niche. But remember that tag them in your posts, not in the post’s caption. They will receive a notification and they can also see your post in the tag section of their feeds.

Post photos of customers and users:

If you want to promote your brand or business in a more effective way then consider to connect with your customers and post their photos on your profile. Your customers make your brand more successful. Also, tag them in your posts that will not only increase the chance of their interaction but also give more Instagram likes and followers as well.