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5 top Websites for Promoting Your Music

Music has always been igniting the young guns of society. Music lovers can be found anywhere. Those who have the passion to make music hardly get any attention. This is the biggest dilemma with the youngsters that they do not get enough opportunities to live their dreams. With advancements in the internet industry, everything is possible now. Various websites that promote music have been very helpful to young artists in promoting their music with limited budgets. YouTube is King, but here are some of our other top picks. Some are oldies, but goodies, and you may not have heard of the others.

Promote Your Music


This website is among the top-rated music promoting a platform for youngsters who are new in this field and are looking to step into this industry as professionals. This website can provide a chance to make musical dreams come true. It’s one of the most popular sites around.


This website is unique in the sense that it not only provides a chance for newcomers to have a shot at promoting their music talent by uploading their musical inventions, but it also arranges online music competitions among them. Thus, the viewers can decide which newcomer they like most and you can instantly gain some attention which can be very helpful for you when it comes to turning into a professional musician.


This website has a distinctive method of promoting new blood in the music industry. Like all the other music promoting websites, you can upload your songs and it allows the public to hear them. But the most unique thing is that it publishes your pictures on its front page. This provides a chance to these new bands and artists to present them in front of the world, thus they get an opportunity to make their mark.


This website has two purposes. The first one is obviously to promote upcoming talent and all those amateurs who have a great affinity for music. The second purpose is to provide good music to the listeners and all those people out there who enjoy listening to good music and support it with open hearts. It’s great for both promotion and listening.


Spotify is the most widely used music sharing site for budding artists. If you’re not on Spotify, you better get there now! With fun features such as The Waveform, which takes your audio song and turns into a visual image, it’s easy to see why everybody loves this site. You can even record your song directly onto the site. It’s a great resource for any musician and all your fans. Most of the users buy Spotify followers to increase their fan base.

Don’t Stop With These Sites

Besides these websites, there are many other social forums where newcomers and amateurs can promote their music and inventions related to melody and composition. The present world has enabled everyone to present their conceptual hard work to the entire world, and ultimately providing them a chance to excel in it. These websites simultaneously promote artists and give listeners a new wave of fresh sounds now and then.