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The Software Defined Datacenter in Nine Minutes


Ever since VMware announced its vision of the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) at VMworld this year the industry has been abuzz with talk. Some of us loved the message. Some of us had questions about it. But many EMC specialists had something to contribute to the narrative.

One of the fun things of being a vSpecialist is participating is the rich discussions we have internally on every part of our business.  We have a smart team with incredible knowledge of virtualization and cloud.  When any new concept gets raised in our internal discussion groups, it is refined in the crucible of debate.

This SDDC idea is exactly the type of thing we like to talk about.  Its big. Its transformative. It is cutting edge. We are internally asking ourselves and answering a lot of questions on the SDDC. For instance:

  • What exactly does SDDC mean?
  • How is it different from the EMC/VMware cloud vision?
  • What is the difference between cloud and SDDC?

I wanted to add my voice on the SDDC story to EMC’s internal discussions.  I did this through a narrated presentation that covers the SDDC in nine minutes.  After dozens of emails and a half a dozen phone discussions, it looks like this message is solidifying.  I submit it here to you for your consideration.

vSpecialists Needed In Singapore

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We at EMC are increasing the number of technical vSpecialists in our Southeast Asian vSpecialist team. This role will be based in Singapore and will support EMC’s customers and field in the surrounding countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and others. Our regional manager will consider exceptional talent from anywhere in the world.

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Wireless vMotion Using Laptops


In June of 2011 I visited China as EMC’s vSpecialists kicked off a program of technical workshops for VMware enthusiasts. We invited pre-sales teams from VMware, Cisco, and EMC to gather for presentations, discussions, and labs all focused on EMC and VMware products and how they work together. We call this group the vAmbassadors. And we are building communities like this throughout the Asia Pacific region.

To kick off the Chinese vAmbassador program, we wanted to show everyone EMC and VMware configurations on very simple hardware. I suggested that we try and demonstrate vMotion using our laptops and wireless Ethernet with the Celerra VSA as the embedded host storage. While I was sure it was technically possible, I had never seen this before. As it turns out, it was pretty straight forward. And was also damn fun to watch. 🙂

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Ionix UIM 2.1: Provisioning, Management, Operations

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EMC Australia New Zealand (ANZ) vSpecialists recently presented at EMC Inform 2011 in three cities in the region.  One of those vSpecialists, David Lloyd, created two videos for the show that are incredible compelling examples of simple and powerful infrastructure management.  I have posted those videos on YouTube and include links to their high-resolution offline versions below.

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VMware and EMC in Singapore


We technophiles easily forget that partnerships are more about relationships than interconnecting parts. In Asia the importance of relationships is even more important. It is often the primary criterion for making business decisions. On numerous occasions I know of Asian businesses choosing to stay with their trusted advisor as he moves between fierce competitors. The message is clear: its more important to trust who you are buying from than getting the perfect deal.

To that end the director of EMC’s executive briefing center (EBC), John Clifford, today brought together the respective teams from VMware and EMC in southeast Asia. This was one of many things we are doing to build our partnership. The visit included the entire ASEAN VMware team and the entire southeast Asian vSpecialist organization, as well as several APJ-wide people that support their efforts.

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vCenter Custom Alarms: Instruction, Tips, Tools


Half a year ago the Asia Pacific vSpecialist team made a fantastic acquisition in one David “Two Screws” Lloyd. David previously worked for a wonderful VMware and EMC customer in the UK and moved back to Australia. That is when we jumped on the opportunity to snap him up. In working with him in the labs recently, I have come to realize that David has incredible depth and breadth in the space of virtual infrastructure management.

Recently David sat down to share his tips on setting up alarms in vCenter. Most of VMware’s customers understand the power of custom alarming but few harness its value. Using an example of storage path failures, David created a video that walks its audience through the process of configuring a custom alarm using a tailor made executable that generates useful logging message in the vCenter OS’s event log.

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Lab Manager In Action


Every now and again VMware’s engineering awesomeness results in such incredible features (SIOC, NetIOC, Memory Compression, etc.) that we almost forget how incredible its bread-and-butter management applications are.  If you are one of those people that is star struck and starry eyed over the notion of storage DRS, can I pull your attention back to a fantastic tool called Lab Manager?  If you are not using it today you are missing out.  Lab Manager is the precursor to the cloud everyone will be using in five years.

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vSpecialists Needed!


Chad Sakac’s blog posts have recruited many of the industry’s brightest and most dedicated technical specialists. I hope to duplicate his efforts here and help get the word out that technical pre-sales experts and evangelists are needed throughout the Asia Pacific region. We are hiring big in Japan, China, and Australia and have urgent need to get good people in now! But even if we are not yet growing in your home town, I urge you to contact me (drummonds at yahoo dot com) to throw your hat in the ring. We may soon want reach in your city.

So, what exactly are we looking for? We want technical experts to work with myself and regional pre-sales resources to help close VCE-related deals. This means an ideal candidate will know all three of these technologies. But, in truth, VMware skills are most direly needed now. Time exists to ramp up on Cisco and EMC technologies.

We want people that love technology. We want guys and girls that are enthusiastic, and have had their coworkers telling them this forever. We want people that show customers a new product or feature with the excitement of a child handling a new toy. We want people that build out home labs with a software infrastructure that could support a medium sized business.

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From West to East


I have received several gentle nudges about the lack of content on Pivot Point of late. And a few of you have asked me what is going on with my professional life. For a while I hoped to quietly drift across continents and through companies. But I now feel an explanation is due. This description is mostly professional, somewhat personal, and a touch philosophical. But if you are interested in what moves me and what will come next for vPivot, please read on.

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