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Disaster Recovery, Downtime Avoidance, and High Availability

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Map of Asia Pacific and JapanLast week in Asia Pacific and Japan we completed our annual presales conference roadshow (PSCR). At this PSCR I delivered a talk to the presales community on the intersection of three great solutions: disaster recovery (DR), downtime avoidance (DA), and high availability (HA). Each of these is easily understood by its own. But their combinations can introduce mind-bending complexity. I used my presentation to untangle some mental knots.

I believe that mixed DR/DA/HA environments are so complex that very few people in the world fully understand their complexities. Scott Lowe might be the only person I have worked with that appears to have a complete grasp of the situation. I know I do not. So, you might find it strange that I was called upon to lead this talk.

Well, I learned a lot in the talk.  Both from the research prior to its first delivery and from the hallway conversations that followed my sessions.  I documented, learned and created a few key concepts for this talk. Here they are.

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Disaster Avoidance and Disaster Recovery: At Last Together!

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For the years since its launch, EMC’s active/active fully-available VPLEX has been incredibly popular. Customers love what it does, technologists love talking about it. Similarly, Site Recovery Manager (SRM) has become one of VMware’s most popular products for the elegance, simplicity, testability and audit-ability. Until recently it was not possible to deploy both in one environment.

At EMC World 2012 in Las Vegas, EMC announced GeoSynchrony 5.1, the new operating environment for VPLEX. With this release we can now offer RecoverPoint replication, which enables a complete disaster recovery (DR) and disaster avoidance (DA) solution. We can finally deliver a SRM and VPLEX capabilities to the same applications in a single deployment.

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EMC Labs at VMworld


Tomorrow I take the last flight in a series that started in Singapore three days ago.  I arrive in Las Vegas a little before noon for VMworld 2011.  This is my first year in five with no responsibilities as a presenter or lab owner.  And I am unreasonably excited that I can participate as an attendee.

In addition to a wealth of partner and customer meetings, I will be attending a large number of sessions, taking the hands-on labs, meeting old friends and colleagues, and of course enjoying the nighttime fun.  One great point of pride I have is the wide range of labs that EMC will be offering at the EMC booth on the showroom floor.  I thought I would share some highlights of hands-on demos you can take if you stop by the EMC booth at VMworld this year.

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