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New VFCache Canned Demo

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The Singapore Solutions Center builds live demonstrations for our customers.  We use these demonstrations for training, experimentation, and sometimes to create videos that show cool technologies in action.  This week Osmund Amoroso in the SSC released a canned demo (a video) showing work they have done on VFCache.

In this demo Osmund shows an Oracle database running on vSphere.  The database is tested by an OLTP workload.  Osmund shows results before and after enabling VFCache. Note the 43% increase in transaction rate. And be reminded that applications that spend less time waiting for data will use more of the CPU, as the video shows.

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Server Flash + Array Flash


With the recent general availability of VFCache, EMC has buzzed with ideas about what to do with server-based solid state storage.  Server-based solid state has been around for years.  I remember when Fusion-io visited us at VMware in 2009.  I spent a lot of time thinking about use cases, value, costs, and features. Now at EMC I am asking myself even bigger questions: how far can we go with this technology?  How much can we federate it, migrate data among nodes and within shared storage, protect it, and replicate it?  There are a lot of smart people in EMC that are way ahead of me on this.

But for the time being, the world is using server cache to speed up applications while living with mobility limitations.  Because of my performance background I am still a speed junky.  My long time in that field makes me a bit of a cynic, too.  When I saw a version of the following chart used in an internal EMC presentation I was skeptical.  Take at look at this and ask yourself if you believe it.

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