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VMware Thin Disks on EMC Virtual Provisioning


Even before I left VMware for EMC I was being asked to comment on “thin on thin”: the use of VMware thin VMDKs on virtually/thin provisioned storage.  As a VMware employee I recommended VMware’s thin provisioning but referred to storage vendors for their own best practices.

Now, as a member of the storage vendor community, I will answer for EMC. I will do so with detailed text from an outstanding TechBook I recently discovered on EMC’s Powerlink. This paper, Using Symmetrix Storage in VMware vSphere Environments (Version 7), provides incredible detail on the relationship between VMware thin disks and Symmetrix virtual provisioning. Its guidance is clear and simple.

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vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)


I am currently in Beijing halfway through a five city roadshow to present and listen to EMC’s technical pre-sales team. One of my roles in this traveling show is to talk about vSphere 5, and all of the great things EMC is doing to make it even better for customers. A big part of my talk is centered around the new vStorage API for Storage Awareness, or VASA. I think this new API is going to provide value far beyond what most people realize.

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Virtual Storage Integrator Short Videos

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I have taken a long hiatus from blogging of late and am jumping back into the fold with a simple but important addition to the blogosphere. A few weeks ago Chad Sakac announced a new video showing the awesome vCenter plugin, the Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI). In this case the VSI was being used to demonstrate the capabilities of EMC’s new VNX array.

The VNX is awesome. The VSI is awesome. And the video is a potent demonstration of the combination of these two EMC products. But I firmly believe that most people consume internet content in 1-5 minute chunks. Weighing in at a hefty 16:50, I find this video a little cumbersome.

To that end, I broke up the video into a series of smaller parts and am presenting them here for anyone interested in these products.

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