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SRM Survey Results


About six weeks ago I announced a survey to measure the value of VMware’s Site Recovery Manager.  Thirty-seven respondents offered their thoughts on how SRM has changed their disaster recovery process.  The results are not surprising; I already knew customers love SRM.  But they are a stark reminder of the immeasurable value of this product.

The survey results are below with my own observations.  To the impatient I offer the following summary:

  • Only 40% of respondents ran DR tests at least once a year before SRM was installed. 95% of them run DR tests at least once a year with SRM.
  • 73% of respondents were not confident that their pre-SRM DR test would succeed. 95% are confident their DR test will succeed with SRM.
  • 54% of customers before SRM never tested their DR plan.
  • 97% of customers with SRM complete their DR tests in hours.
  • 76% of respondents claimed SRM decreased production downtime during DR tests.

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The Value of SRM


Customers love VMware’s Site Recovery Manager (SRM).  It automates, simplifies, and documents disaster recovery.  It can eliminate downtime during disaster recovery (DR) tests.  And it increases customer confidence in their DR plan.  SRM is great.

In my first year and a half in Asia I have seen that this region (Australia and New Zealand excepted!) adopts technology one or two years after America.  So, today in Asia our customers are starting to consider what SRM can do for them.

Today I want to ask your help.  If you are an SRM customer–happy or not!–please take two minutes to fill out the following survey, either below or directly on Survey Monkey.  I will later share the results of this survey on this blog.  If you leave your contact information in the survey I may email you to follow-up.  If you want to share positive or negative feedback I will connect you with the right people once you have given me permission to do so.

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