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Value of VMware-related Certifications

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A recent InfoWorld article summarized results of a study by Foote Partners, LLC that analyzed the changing value of IT certifications.  The InfoWorld piece provided some high-level observations that piqued my interest.  One Google search later I found the original report, which included details more relevant to those of us that work with VMware.  Below are highlights from the Foote Partners work that you may find interesting.

The free article published by Foote Partners is a bit of an infomercial.  They provide this summary as a way of advertising their $3000 report.  The $3000 report puts exact value to IT certifications.  The free report that I am summarizing only includes relative values.  Among those relative values, a decrease means the certification yields a smaller premium than the previous year.  A decrease likely means the industry is demanding this skill less or the workforce is over-supplying the skill.

What follows is my summary of “interesting” changes in the value of VMware-related certifications.  I used my own judgment in calling these certifications “VMware-related”.  I include Java certifications, for instance, because of VMware’s Spring acquisition.  I included infrastructure certifications because often VMware administrators also own other areas of the infrastructure.  I do not include a database certification because I do not consider database administration tightly connected to VMware product skills.

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