Scott Drummonds on Virtualization

Memory Compression


Steve Herrod’s keynote at Partner Exchange 2010 included a tantalizing slide on an upcoming memory maximization technology: memory compression.  A few of you have already seen the overview of this technology Kit Colbert and Fei Guo previewed it at VMworld 2009.   Today I want to tell you how this upcoming feature will help you pack even more virtual machines onto your existing servers.

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Windows Guest Defragmentation


Today at VMware Partner Exchange I had a lunchtime discussion with a partner of ours that makes a Windows file system (NTFS) defragmentation tool. He related anecdotes of incredible performance acceleration credited to defragmentation and quoted a few numbers based on his test environment. When he asked me what VMware’s recommendations were on the subject I remained uncharacteristically silent. Do we have best practices on this?

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Las Vegas Taxi Rates


Let’s take a break from virtualization and talk about taxi cabs in Las Vegas.  I just got into McCarran airport after a fantastically successful VMware Partner Exchange 2010 and want to ask some of you seasoned veterans of Las Vegas to share your thoughts on a cab problem that I only learned of today.

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