Scott Drummonds on Virtualization

Optimizing vSphere for Hyper-threading


VMware’s Jeff Buell has been looking into High Performance Computing (HPC) in support of a new addition to the office of the CTO.  Jeff just posted an article on VROOM! showing outstanding memory bandwidth in vSphere virtual machines.  No one should be surprised by this–virtual machine memory bandwidth has rarely been a problem.  But Jeff did discuss a advanced configuration parameter that should pique everyone’s curiosity: NUMA.preferHT.

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vSphere 4.1: Performance Improvements


Last week I took my first vacation in a year and a half.  I had not missed a single day of work in 18 months.  So last week, when I was galavanting through Spain and running terrified, screaming, and covered in sangria through the streets of Pamplona, VMware made its biggest announcement in over a year: the launch of vSphere 4.1.  My old team put out what looks to be a wonderful “What’s New in Performance” paper so I want to take a few minutes to add my thoughts to some of the great work VMware has done.

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