Scott Drummonds on Virtualization

vSpecialists Needed!


Chad Sakac’s blog posts have recruited many of the industry’s brightest and most dedicated technical specialists. I hope to duplicate his efforts here and help get the word out that technical pre-sales experts and evangelists are needed throughout the Asia Pacific region. We are hiring big in Japan, China, and Australia and have urgent need to get good people in now! But even if we are not yet growing in your home town, I urge you to contact me (drummonds at yahoo dot com) to throw your hat in the ring. We may soon want reach in your city.

So, what exactly are we looking for? We want technical experts to work with myself and regional pre-sales resources to help close VCE-related deals. This means an ideal candidate will know all three of these technologies. But, in truth, VMware skills are most direly needed now. Time exists to ramp up on Cisco and EMC technologies.

We want people that love technology. We want guys and girls that are enthusiastic, and have had their coworkers telling them this forever. We want people that show customers a new product or feature with the excitement of a child handling a new toy. We want people that build out home labs with a software infrastructure that could support a medium sized business.

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