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Performance Troubleshooting: No PhD Required!

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A couple of weeks ago at VMworld in San Francisco I squeezed a few press meetings in between the 19 sessions of the performance lab I led. In one of those meetings I talked with David Vellante and two of his colleagues to discuss vSphere performance and performance monitoring.  David and company asked some hard questions about our performance work but my knowledge of this area runs deep, so the conversation was fruitful and interesting.

A few days after the conference a coworker of mine shared the following quote with me, courtesy of an article by David on Internet Evolution:

The fact is, most data center managers wouldn’t trust VMware to manage their Tier 1 applications because if something goes wrong performance-wise, you still need to roll in the VMware PhDs to solve it.

Let me respond to a few of the suggestions from this quote.

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vSphere Is Not the Performance Problem, Your Storage Is


[This is an update to one of my favorite articles, which details my on-site investigation of SQL Server performance problems.]

Back in July I had the privilege of riding along with VMware’s Professional Services Organization as they piloted a possible performance offering. We are considering two possible services: one for performance troubleshooting and another for infrastructure optimization. During this trip we piloted the troubleshooting service, focusing on the customer’s disappointing experience with SQL Server’s performance on vSphere.

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