Scott Drummonds on Virtualization

esxplot 1.0 Released


I am pleased to announce that Geoff White has completed the first official release of esxplot, version 1.0.  In an earlier blog article we discussed a beta version of this product and the response from VMware’s customers has been fantastic.  Those of you that have played with esxplot know its value in assisting with esxtop-based analysis.  I urge everyone to download the new version and give it a try.

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esxtop Analysis With esxplot


esxtop remains a popular performance troubleshooting tool because of its fine granularity, expansive counter list, and support for interactive and off-line analysis. The biggest problem with esxtop is the huge CSV files generated in batch mode.  The output is so large that Excel is unable to open the file and Perfmon can take hours to do so. But now we have a better way to manage esxtop batch files.

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