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VMware Perfmon Counters Missing on vSphere?


I was recently shown a problem where the ESX Perfmon counters we added to vSphere 4.0 virtual machines were not appearing in Windows virtual machines as of vSphere 4.0 U1.  The problem stems from an issue with mofcomp, which I will briefly describe below. For the impatient, the workaround is to manually uninstall and then reinstall VMware Tools.  It also appears that the counters can be added by running vmStatsProvider, as I described in a previous article.

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Using Perfmon For Accurate, ESX Performance Counters


[An update to an old community post with more information on the tool.]

My colleague in product management, Praveen Kannan, has been working to extend Perfmon to show some ESX performance counters. This capability is automatically installed with VMware Tools on vSphere 4. But Praveen and I have made a stand-alone version available to those of you that are still on VI3. Download it here to give it a try.  [See note below if that link is dead.]

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