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Datacenter Optimization

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The article I wrote on VMTurbo’s alternative to DRS generated an incredible amount of interest. I received numerous emails, Tweets, and a couple of comments. One comment led me to VKernel, one led me to CiRBA, and one slyly hinted of a sham in one partner’s offering.  This investigation has been fun and informative.

Today I am going to share with you some of my thoughts on datacenter optimization and why I think VMware’s partner community is succeeding where VMware is not.

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Alternative to DRS


Now that I am six months removed from VMware, I will admit that we executed poorly in the space of performance management.  I know that there is intense work going on right now in acquisitions, unification of performance management tools, and vCenter improvement through folding in vscsiStats and esxtop data.  But in the area of performance reporting and visualization, VMware’s success has been minimal.  VMware hopes its acquisition of AliveVM will plug part of this gap but today it is safe to say the field is wide open for VMware’s partners.

This morning one such partner, VMTurbo, gave me a demonstration of their offering in this field.  Their product provides an obvious improvement on vSphere’s performance visualization capabilities.  But given the state of VMware’s visualization capabilities virtually any graphical front-end provides an improvement.  But what really set off my imagination were two features I had not seen before:

  • A third-party alternative to DRS.
  • Cross-cluster resource optimization.

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Maximum Hosts Per Cluster


I just returned from a one week vacation to a warm sunny beach on a small island not too far from Singapore.  Even on my vacations my conversations often migrate to technology and my travel mate is an old friend and current employee at VMware, Dave Korsunsky.  Sitting by a pool with a cocktail in hand at a fantastic hotel I asked my friend, “what is the right number of hosts per DRS/HA cluster?”  Great conversation for a vacation, right?

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