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Simpler, Better Chargeback


In a recent discussion with VKernel’s Bryan Semple I argued for a better chargeback tool.  I think that VKernel, VMware, and anyone in the virtualization business can improve the chargeback process through expanded automation and inclusion of capacity analysis metrics.  This would simply chargeback, increase its accuracy, and reduce its maintenance. Chargeback would become so simple and valuable that customers might actually start doing it.  Doubt me?  Read on.

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Chargeback Resistance (with Survey Results)


A few weeks ago I posted a survey asking for your thoughts on chargeback in virtual infrastructures.  The results I received confirmed my observations of the scarce use of chargeback policies among VMware’s customers.  I have written before that I think this is a mistake.  And by bundling VMware Chargeback with the recently announced vCloud Director it appears that VMware agrees with me.

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Economic Theory and IT


[Note from Scott: Before embarking on this topic, I want to make clear that I am advocating no political system. I am using an cold war era economic analogy in support of my growing interest in improving the efficiency of IT. If you have strong opinions on the inherent Good or Evil of the political systems mentioned below, I politely request you air those opinions in a different forum.]

Several years I read an interesting book on the Cold War that documented some of the insane behavior of the superpowers that nearly culminated in the annihilation of mankind.  The book was rich in stories of espionage and assassination and political machination.  In one paragraph, buried somewhere in the book’s meaty center, the author includes an almost throwaway reference that has stuck in my memory ever since.

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Who Is Using Chargeback?

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My customer discussions in Asia and the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) area have been lessons in the maturation of virtualization markets.  No region in the world is more virtualization savvy than ANZ.  But the other end of the virtual spectrum–ignorance and trepidation–is also more common in Asia Pacific than any other major markets.  This theater is truly a land of extremes.

I have been nurturing a theory about chargeback that you will certainly read more about here.  But I now ask for your help in the formation of this idea.  Can you give me 30 seconds to share your experience with virtual infrastructure chargeback models?  If you have never implemented chargeback in your environment, this survey will take you five seconds.  But even those three multiple choice responses will help my investigation.

Here is the survey.  I much appreciate your thoughts.

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Private Clouds, People Consolidation, and Chargeback


A couple weeks ago EMC’s CIO, Sanjay Mirchandani, visited Singapore and presented EMC’s journey to the private cloud.  I sat in on one of his presentations and was absolutely amazed by his cogent argument for VMware.  There may be no better evangelist for VMware and its role in the journey to the private cloud.  Sanjay white-boarded one thought–a parenthetical discussion–that reformed my understanding of the value of virtualization and the private cloud.

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