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Datacenter Optimization

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The article I wrote on VMTurbo’s alternative to DRS generated an incredible amount of interest. I received numerous emails, Tweets, and a couple of comments. One comment led me to VKernel, one led me to CiRBA, and one slyly hinted of a sham in one partner’s offering.  This investigation has been fun and informative.

Today I am going to share with you some of my thoughts on datacenter optimization and why I think VMware’s partner community is succeeding where VMware is not.

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VKernel’s Virtualization Management Index


Back in early December the folks at VKernel posted the results of a survey of their customers’ virtualization environments.  They named this work and its summary paper the Virtualization Management Index (VMI) [registration required].  I talked with VKernel CMO Bryan Semple when the first version was released and he recently sent me an update.  Some of VKernel’s observations are pretty interesting.  And I come to a similar conclusion as VKernel based on VMware’s data in the space: the market for datacenter optimization is very big and growing by the day.

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