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VKernel announced our Chargeback 2.0 release today. The new release extends chargeback support to both Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 and VMware ESX environments. Mixed environments require capacity management solutions that operate across both platforms. VKernel Chargeback 2.0 is the first chargeback solution designed for these heterogeneous environments.

The release also adds support for mixed chargeback models. VKernel Chargeback 2.0 now supports both allocated and actual resource consumption models. By reporting on both measures, infrastructure teams can chargeback for actual resource consumption, allocated resources, or simply show application teams the difference in real dollars between their allocated capacity and actual usage.

This cost visibility is critical to capacity management, reducing VM sprawl, and supporting private cloud initiatives.

Chargeback 2.0 is the second product from VKernel to support Microsoft Hyper-V Server, following the launch of VKernel Capacity Analyzer. A 30-day trial is available for immediate download from http://www.vkernel.com/download/chargeback.

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