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Shuttering vPivot


Its been three years and nine months since I started vPivot.  At that time I had the enviable position of sitting a few feet from the greatest engineering team I have ever known.  Because of nothing more than my proximity to them, I was able to serve VMware’s customers this blog, which peaked with thousands of hits a day.  You guys liked it and I loved doing it.

But in the last few months my blog production has declined significantly.  Part of that was due to my changed role to a consumer of information instead of a producer.  And part of that decline originated with a change of of heart in terms of what I want to do.  Because of that change of heart I last week resigned from EMC.  I will be spending many months pursuing some personal interests.

At this point I have nothing more to contribute to this blog.  I may start professionally writing again after my sabbatical.  But I am just as likely to write on a new blog as here.  But I will leave this content online indefinitely should any of the articles prove useful.

Thank you to VMware for letting me contribute a drop to the incredible wave of virtualization that washed over the industry.  Thank you to EMC for bringing me to Asia and teaching me business, both that of a vendor and the customers we work so hard for.  And thank you to each and every one of you for being a reader.

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The second and third waves are just coming in Scott. Hurry back soon.

  • Scott your insight and informative postings will be missed. I always genuinely enjoyed your lectures and presentations. Enjoy your time off.