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The Software Defined Datacenter in Nine Minutes


Ever since VMware announced its vision of the Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) at VMworld this year the industry has been abuzz with talk. Some of us loved the message. Some of us had questions about it. But many EMC specialists had something to contribute to the narrative.

One of the fun things of being a vSpecialist is participating is the rich discussions we have internally on every part of our business.  We have a smart team with incredible knowledge of virtualization and cloud.  When any new concept gets raised in our internal discussion groups, it is refined in the crucible of debate.

This SDDC idea is exactly the type of thing we like to talk about.  Its big. Its transformative. It is cutting edge. We are internally asking ourselves and answering a lot of questions on the SDDC. For instance:

  • What exactly does SDDC mean?
  • How is it different from the EMC/VMware cloud vision?
  • What is the difference between cloud and SDDC?

I wanted to add my voice on the SDDC story to EMC’s internal discussions.  I did this through a narrated presentation that covers the SDDC in nine minutes.  After dozens of emails and a half a dozen phone discussions, it looks like this message is solidifying.  I submit it here to you for your consideration.

3 Responses

Great post as always Scott. The real challenge here is also driving the processes and people to change their mindset in the way they manage, operate, monitor and provision their multiple silos to fit the SDDC model. We’ve found the easiest way for people to adapt to that change is via the proposition of a converged infrastructure e.g. Vblock.
You’ve also hit a really key point on the need and drive for APIs, what’ll be great is if moving forward all of those APIs had a single common interface for the entire infrastructure as opposed to multiple sprawls of components and interfaces seemingly interacting with each other.
Looking forward to your next post

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  • Scott,

    Great video and should be required viewing for a lots of folks. We need a common language and you provide a clear, logical summary. I think you could go ever further in the Intel part of the “near future” story their efforts to consolidate functions are also far from done, our software aside – but perhaps that will be another post in the future!