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New VFCache Canned Demo

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The Singapore Solutions Center builds live demonstrations for our customers.  We use these demonstrations for training, experimentation, and sometimes to create videos that show cool technologies in action.  This week Osmund Amoroso in the SSC released a canned demo (a video) showing work they have done on VFCache.

In this demo Osmund shows an Oracle database running on vSphere.  The database is tested by an OLTP workload.  Osmund shows results before and after enabling VFCache. Note the 43% increase in transaction rate. And be reminded that applications that spend less time waiting for data will use more of the CPU, as the video shows.

A full resolution offline version is available here.

VFCache is one way that solid state storage is changing computing.  The ability place data in low latency storage on the server was not invented by EMC.  But our direction of how we plan on federating it throughout the datacenter is novel.  VFCache is available now and can give you a taste of what your future datacenter will look like.

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