Scott Drummonds on Virtualization

The Future of Virtualization


The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) asked me to present last week at their Implementing Information Infrastructure Symposium (IIIS). IIIS ran in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. My talk was on the future of virtualization.

“Future of Virtualization” at SNIA IIIS from Scott Drummonds on Vimeo.

The format was ostensibly a debate. An opposing position was offered by HP in KL and IBM in Singapore. But the abstract for talks gave the presenters a wide berth: we could talk of storage virtualization, virtualization futures, and technology trends. I talked about each a little.  The HP and IBM representatives focused more on storage virtualization technologies.  As a result the debate was without confrontation.  There was some disagreement but it primarily occurred in the Q&A.

This was my first time using a deck that contained no words. Some of the most compelling presentations I have seen (usually online) follow this technique. I find that emotive or demonstrative images can stoke the audience’s imagination and focus their attention. While I am not sure this technique would work with all technology talks, I think it can be successful in vision talks.

At the moderators’ request my talk includes no product pitches. I do not believe I mention any EMC products in this talk, although many of my ideas map to EMC and VMware solutions. I would love your feedback on the talk. Did the presentation format work? Was the talk appropriately scoped for such a broad topic? Was it interesting? Do let me know.

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Nice speech, most of it was obvious 10 (Open Systems) if not 40 (Mainframes) yrs ago.

BTW, if you talk virtualization or computing long term, you shall never bind to a specific ISA. Especially a proprietary one like x86 …

My 2 cents.

    • I don’t think worldwide mobility or self-serviced, policy-based IT were ever obvious. In fact, I’m not entirely certain what role they’ll play in the coming years. But it appears their role will grow.

  • Hi Scott, great presentation.

    If I may add one comment about the deck. The less wording on a slide deck the better, but no words at all – makes it harder on the audience to try and associate and remember what you are saying.

    From my experience – if there is only an image – the listener does not have anything to connect to – only the image. Add a word (or 2/3 words) to that image that capture the essence of what you are trying to express – is much easier on the listener – because the association of an image to text is absorbed better

    All in all a great talk !! Thanks

  • Hi Scott, I liked the presentation slides with no words. It forced me to focus on what you were saying. Great content as well. I’d like to try this technique for my next presentation.