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EMC Hands-on Labs at Sydney vForum 2011

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Every VMworld attendee knows how important the hands-on labs are to the show’s success. Many attendees cite the HOLs as the most important part of the show. EMC picked up on this and in recent years has offered its own interactive demonstrations at the EMC booth on the showroom floor.  We have taken these labs on the road and I am happy to announce they will be featured at Sydney vForum 2011.

The Sydney vForum runs from 19-20 October at the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre.  This will be my third year attending this show, which is one of the largest VMware events in the Asia Pacific region.  VMware will offer the same hands-on labs to the Sydney vForum attendees that they offered to VMworld attendees.  So EMC decided to add a small set of our own labs at the EMC booth.

Like VMware, we will be running our labs from a cloud hosted in a US-based datacenter.  Also like VMware, these are the exact same labs that VMworld attendees enjoyed in Las Vegas.  While VMware will have a large, dedicated room to accommodate 60 concurrent lab sessions, we are choosing to run a miniature version of this in limited space in the exhibition center.  We will probably be offering about six concurrent lab sessions.

This is the very first time VMware or EMC have offered hands-on labs in an Asia Pacific event.  It represents a great commitment to offer the same high quality technical content to Asia Pacific that the US and Europe have enjoyed for years.  These labs are a significant technical challenge and this delivery is a first.  So, this effort is not without risk.  But one thing I know about the Australia VMware community is that it is not risk averse.

I will be at vForum in October presenting, helping with labs, and working the EMC booth.  I hope to see you there!

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