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Tomorrow I take the last flight in a series that started in Singapore three days ago.  I arrive in Las Vegas a little before noon for VMworld 2011.  This is my first year in five with no responsibilities as a presenter or lab owner.  And I am unreasonably excited that I can participate as an attendee.

In addition to a wealth of partner and customer meetings, I will be attending a large number of sessions, taking the hands-on labs, meeting old friends and colleagues, and of course enjoying the nighttime fun.  One great point of pride I have is the wide range of labs that EMC will be offering at the EMC booth on the showroom floor.  I thought I would share some highlights of hands-on demos you can take if you stop by the EMC booth at VMworld this year.

Below is an unedited copy of a write-up EMC’s Dave Henry distributed on one of our internal vSpecialist mailing lists.  I am including Dave’s extensive write-up unchanged.  But before I do I want to call out a few demos that I think everyone should check out.

My recommendations for top demos at the EMC booth:

  1. VPLEX.  EMC’s highly available storage federation product is always the most electrifying topic in my customer presentations.  Go see how to manage the product at this demo.
  2. Avamar.  The tight VMware integration is only part of the reason the Avamar backup message instantly resonates with customers.
  3. VSI.  EMC has come such a long way from what I saw at VMware five years ago.  Now virtualization has worked its way into EMC’s DNA and the virtual storage integrator (VSI) is a small (and free!) example of how committed we are to improving the EMC/VMware interlock.

Of course there are many more demos that you will get a kick out of.  And for those of you that will not be at VMworld, rest assured that EMC is going to be putting these labs in a worldwide demo cloud that we hope to have setup in Asia Pacific before too long.  Talk to your local vSpecialist if you are interested in trying these out locally.

Dave Henry’s full article begins now.

The VMware Hands-on Lab is traditionally one of the most popular draws at VMworld, and this year will be no exception.  You’ll have a chance to get hands-on with the latest VMware products and solutions (like all the amazing new stuff in vSphere 5…) and run through them at your own pace.  There will be over 20 different Lab topics you can choose from.

EMC has some joint solutions featured in the VMware Hands-on Lab that you’ll be able to test-drive.  If you’re interested in learning details about what went into creating and powering those labs, two of the vSpecialists responsible for putting them together (Chris Horn (@Horn_Chris) and Simon Seagrave (@Kiwi_Si)) are hosting a session on exactly that topic at the conference — Session LAS4014, EMC Partner Hands-on Lab Design, Development, and Implementation at 14:30 on Wednesday.

EMC Interactive Demo Area

In addition to our participation in the VMworld Hands-on Lab, we’ll have a booth on the Solutions Exchange floor housing an EMC Interactive Demo Area.  This will be in Booth #1001, directly across the aisle from the EMC main show floor booth.

Come to this booth to get the chance to test drive EMC solutions for VMware at your own pace.  See our integration with VMware for yourself.  You’ll have your choice of which labs you want to take, including:

In this vLab you’ll configure object-oriented, extremely flexible Atmos cloud storage to create automated turn-key Storage as a Service (SaaS) solutions.
Backup built for VMware can reduce your backup window by 90% and backup storage by 95% all while giving you flexible restore options –- individual files within the Guest OS or full VMs.  Take Avamar for a test-drive in this vLab to see its backup and recovery capabilities.
This vLab demonstrates the creation of multi-Petabyte filesystems that store millions of files using Isilon’s scale-out storage capabilities.
RSA Archer
This vLab will let you see a full enterprise Governance, Risk, and Compliance (eGRC) solution set up to protect a VMware environment.
Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) 2.1
In this Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM 2.1) vLab, you’ll experience the full capabilities of UIM and see for yourself how easy it is to use as the provisioning tool for VCE Vblock infrastructure packages.
The vStorage APIs for Array integration (VAAI) allow vSphere servers to offload specific storage operations to supported disk arrays for unparalleled performance and efficiencies.  In this VAAI vLab you’ll provision your own VAAI-enabled storage and see for yourself the benefits it brings to tasks such as cloning VMs.
Virtual Storage Integrator (VSI) Plug-in for VMware vCenter
In this vLab you will see how performing day-to-day EMC storage- and vSphere-related tasks using the EMC VSI plug-in can be completed quickly and easily from within the VMware vSphere Client interface.  Whether you want to provision new storage, save valuable disk space by compressing a VM or datastore, gain a detailed view of the underlying physical storage, or spin up extra VMs using the Fast Cloning functionality, the EMC VSI plug-in helps you achieve all this via a few clicks of the mouse within the vSphere Client.
In this Symmetrix-focused vLab you will get the opportunity to practice using the latest features of the most-recent Symmetrix software (Enginuity 5875) on actual live Symmetrix equipment.
The VNX Unisphere vLab is designed to familiarize you with the new VNX Unisphere management interface and some of the key features it offers. In addition, this vLab provides a series of activities designed to demonstrate how easy it is to provision NFS storage for VMware.
The EMC VNXe series redefines networked storage for the small business to small enterprise user, delivering an unequaled combination of features, simplicity, and efficiency.  This vLab focuses on the VNXe Unisphere Interface and management of the VNXe product.
In this vLab you’ll use the VPLEX Management Console to create Distributed Devices and then configure an ESX server access to them. The purpose of the vLab is to familiarize the user with VPLEX and to show the speed and ease with which a system administrator can create and provision storage to ESX Servers using VPLEX technology.

The EMC Interactive Demo Area will be open during all the hours the Solutions Exchange is open:

  • Monday – 17:00 – 19:30
  • Tuesday – 9:30 – 17:30
  • Wednesday – 9:00 – 16:00
  • Thursday – 10:00 – 14:00

Stop by and get hands-on with EMC.

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I will miss seeing you present this year. Part of the reason I follow you here is because of how engaging you in front of a room full of people. Have fun.

  • I guess Mornay wins this year 🙂

    You are like Schumacher in his retirement years: will we see a come back when you’re 40+?

    God bless you my son!


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