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Ionix UIM 2.1: Provisioning, Management, Operations

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EMC Australia New Zealand (ANZ) vSpecialists recently presented at EMC Inform 2011 in three cities in the region.  One of those vSpecialists, David Lloyd, created two videos for the show that are incredible compelling examples of simple and powerful infrastructure management.  I have posted those videos on YouTube and include links to their high-resolution offline versions below.

David’s last video showed a technique for improving the automated alarming in vCenter.  In these newly released videos, David turns to Ionix UIM 2.1 to show Vblock configuration and management. For those of you that have not seen UIM in action, prepare yourself for awesomeness. The ultra flexible service model delivered by VMware’s vCloud Director requires an infrastructure counterpart that allows one administrator to view and control all supporting hardware to align and respond to changing user demands. UIM is that single, configurable pane from which the entire infrastructure can be organized, cataloged, configured, and managed.

In this first video David shows UIM’s ability to define custom services and deploy physical resources to match the services with just a few clicks of the button.  He also demonstrates VMware vCenter integration and UIM panel customization.

You can download a high resolution version of this video here.

In the second video David shows UIM Operations Center. UIM OC allows the infrastructure admin to see the interconnectivity of the physical and virtual assets running in a Vblock.

You can download a high resolution version of this video here.

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