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VMware and EMC in Singapore


We technophiles easily forget that partnerships are more about relationships than interconnecting parts. In Asia the importance of relationships is even more important. It is often the primary criterion for making business decisions. On numerous occasions I know of Asian businesses choosing to stay with their trusted advisor as he moves between fierce competitors. The message is clear: its more important to trust who you are buying from than getting the perfect deal.

To that end the director of EMC’s executive briefing center (EBC), John Clifford, today brought together the respective teams from VMware and EMC in southeast Asia. This was one of many things we are doing to build our partnership. The visit included the entire ASEAN VMware team and the entire southeast Asian vSpecialist organization, as well as several APJ-wide people that support their efforts.

From left to right: John Clifford, from EMC's EBC; Mark Read, from EMC's VCE team; Uma Thana Balasingam, EMC's VMware alliance; Par Botes, EMC's APJ CTO; Ed Lenta, VMware's GM of ASEAN; yours truly; Eric Goh, Managing Director of EMC Singapore.

The above shot shows EMC’s Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) leadership team that is focused on supporting the VMware vision and helping customers realize its benefits. Also included is VMware’s ASEAN manager, Ed Lenta. As hard as the group of us work, the real value to customers is delivered from a large number of pre-sales technical specialists, account managers, service delivery specialists, and many other people. That group is shown below:

All the members of VMware's ASEAN team as well as all of EMC's southeast Asian vSpecialists.

I was lucky enough to work with many of these dedicated VMware employees when I helped them through performance issues in my previous role. The mission may now be different but the friendships are even stronger.

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Scott, how does one become a vSpecialist ?


  • It’s a great story…It let me know how to collaborate together…

  • The way to become a vSpecialist is to apply. Look on the EMC Asia site at the jobs area, they should be listed…oh and be really good at what you do, especially virtualisation… 😉

  • and you must not be working with the tier 1 partner for VCe too 🙂

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