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The Tipping Point

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If you missed the keynotes at the recent VMworlds you missed a sensational bit of information that marks just how far the VMware revolution has come. I have since seen a graphical summary of the research that supported Steve Herrod’s claim and want to add myself to the chorus proclaiming the incredible incredible influence VMware has acquired in the industry.

The claim that Paul Maritz and Steve Herrod made on stage (twice) is that virtual machines now host more than 50% of the world’s x86 applications. That means that more operating systems are now communicating with hypervisors than physical hardware. The claim is backed by data from IDC, which I recently saw summarized by a VMware presenter at an event in the Philippines:

Sometime in 2009, the number of x86 virtual machines passed the number of x86 servers not running a hypervisor.

Paul hinted at the incredible implications of this change. It is no longer the traditional operating systems that are driving the future of hardware development. We should expect even more virtualization optimizations and improvements from every part of x86 servers.

VMware is obviously claiming the lion’s share of the virtualization market. While I do not have exact numbers, I take them to own 95% of virtualized x86 servers. The import of this is that VMware may now have more control over the future of hardware development than Microsoft.

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