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Lab Manager In Action


Every now and again VMware’s engineering awesomeness results in such incredible features (SIOC, NetIOC, Memory Compression, etc.) that we almost forget how incredible its bread-and-butter management applications are.  If you are one of those people that is star struck and starry eyed over the notion of storage DRS, can I pull your attention back to a fantastic tool called Lab Manager?  If you are not using it today you are missing out.  Lab Manager is the precursor to the cloud everyone will be using in five years.

A VMware customer in Australia at the Sunshine Coast Council recently produced a video showing his Lab Manager install being used to deploy dozens of virtual machines using 2.6 TB…in less than an hour.  I hope that, like me, you have not become so enamored with the bleeding edge of VMware’s technology to forget how awesome linked clones, resource pools, and Lab Manager can be.

VMware Lab Manager Demo from Phil Helmling on Vimeo.

If you want this kind of flexibility added to your environment look no further than Lab Manager. The Lab Manager architecture is being extended into VMware’s unreleased cloud management software, codenamed Project Redwood. Lab Manager is your private cloud today, using generally available software. If you are not running lab manager now and want to take it for a spin, let me know and I will connect you to a vSpecialist in your town.

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I’d love to see a Lab Manager release similar to the one used for the GETO cluster. One that can manage virtualized ESX servers. It would go a long way towards helping development of software for VMware!


  • Recently setup a Lab Manager for one of our customer to house their Dev environments in. Also give them a testing area to keep them from running to Amazon.