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VMware Performance Class: "VMware vSphere: Manage for Performance"


Nearly a year ago I approached the VMware Education Services about designing a single or multiple day class focused on performance management, troubleshooting performance problems, and designing solutions for maximum performance.  I cited the perennial popularity of the VMworld performance troubleshooting lab as a demonstration of the potential market for this class.  I am incredibly pleased to announce that the content for this class is complete and we are soon to be offering it to the general public.

After VMworld 2009, when I designed and delivered the performance lab (Lab 4), I knew I could turn that lab’s content into something VMware’s customers and partners would appreciate.  I restarted my meetings with our education team to transform the two-hour VMworld lab into an eight hour (or more) hour class with more lecture and more labs.  A few months later–this week–I am sitting in NYC as one of our best instructors delivers a beta version of this class.

The agenda for this class follows. Know that I lifted this agenda from the beta class manual. So, some changes may occur before general availability.

  • Module 1: Introduction, objectives, outline, resources.
    • Lab: Setting up virtual machines.
  • Module 2: Overview, architecture, performance fundamentals, the virtual machine monitor, performance tools.
  • Module 3: The virtual machine monitor and its impact on performance.
    • Lab: Comparing binary translation with Intel VT or AMD-V.
  • Module 4: CPU performance, the scheduler, NUMA, and SMP.
    • Lab: Evaluating SMP effectiveness on various database configurations.
  • Module 5: Memory management, ballooning, host swapping, page sharing.
    • Lab: Observing the host memory management techniques’ impact on the performance of a running database.
  • Module 6: Networking performance, vmxnet, jumbo frames, TSO.
    • Lab: Observation of synthetic network load using the vSphere client and esxtop.
  • Module 7: Storage performance and troubleshooting, vscsiStats, VMFS versus RDM.
    • Lab: Latency-based analysis of storage-intensive workloads using resxtop and vscsiStats.
  • Module 8: Guest operating systems, comparing virtual and physical, VMware Tools.
  • Module 9: Application performance and benchmarking, AppSpeed.

If you are interested in taking this class then keep an eye on VMware’s Education Services portal.  We hope sessions will be available in a town near you in the first half of this year.

10 Responses

Hi Scott,

I’ve been aware of this class for a while now, but had no idea of your involvement – great news!

I’ve already got the class listed on my blog and my Think Virtually site, I’m attending a VCI TTT session in early March, and am scheduled to deliver the class in the UK as soon as it is released.


    • Outstanding! I am working with our Education group to get you and our other VATCs access to the people behind the content so you become the world’s foremost experts on the content.


      P.S. Chris Skinner, sitting next to me, says ‘hi’.

      • Fantastic Scott, you’re right that performance is one of the things that comes up in class – a lot! I often refer students to this site, the Vroom blog, etc.

        And “hi” back to Chris too 🙂

  • Great content! I really look forward to attending this class!

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  • Scott,
    Since I participated in the beta “shakedown” of the class with you, I cannot talk highly enough of the content and result! The overall content is what customers have asked us for over the past few years, and I am not only suggesting that my customer accounts attend the training, but that EVERY VMW SE, PSO, etc, engineer take it as well! Really impressed and excited to see more of this type of depth in training continue to come out of the ed folks!

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  • Hi Scott. Class sounds amazing! any chance of some of this material being released in book form?

    • Interesting request. I do not think that we have considered that. I will talk to VMware’s education team and see if there is any interest. Thanks for the suggestion!