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esxplot 1.0 Released


I am pleased to announce that Geoff White has completed the first official release of esxplot, version 1.0.  In an earlier blog article we discussed a beta version of this product and the response from VMware’s customers has been fantastic.  Those of you that have played with esxplot know its value in assisting with esxtop-based analysis.  I urge everyone to download the new version and give it a try.

esxplot is best described in the manual pages that Geoff included in the released archive:

esxplot is a GUI application that lets you explore the data collected by esxtop in batch mode. The program takes a single command line argument which is the esxtop batch mode output file. You can also simply start esxplot without any arguments, and enter a dataset file via the File attribute of the menu bar. Esxplot loads the data in this file and presents the metrics as a hierarchical tree where the values are selectable in the left panel. In the right panel, a graph is plotted (value over time) of the selected metric, in this way, you can “browse” the contents of these somewhat unwieldy files.

Version 1.0 of esxplot features the following enhancements over the beta version:

  • Ability to close one data set and re-open another
  • Plot 16 graphs
  • More natural plot colors
  • Grayed-out tree control entries for metrics that are all zero
  • “Sticky directories” when exporting a chart or CSV file, future export dialogs will open at the last directory used
  • Various bug fixes

esxplot is currently being hosted on my public share on ftpsite.vmware.com.  But Geoff is diligently working through the process of making this tool available publicly on vmware.com.  I will update you when this happens.

As before, Geoff and I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how to improve this tool.

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  • Gang,
    You can also get the tool from…


    There is a link there for ftp as well as a torrent link. Please try to use the torrent as much as possible. This site will also host interim 1.0 patches and some of the 1.x experimental and beta releases. Feel free to post questions and comments there. This is my own personal site and is not connected with VMware. -gwhite

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